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The Amigos del Parque

The Amigos del Parque group was created to find sources and develop programs which will insure continued operation of the park.

Amigos del Parque is a group of Boquete residents formed to raise funds to maintain, enhance, and beautify the privately-funded Parque Biblioteca Boquete.  This park with its natural beauty offers residents and visitors alike the seeds of tranquility; a respite from everyday stressors. 

Penelope (Penny) Barrett is a 21+ year resident of Boquete. She's been involved in most of the charitable organizations in Boquete at one time or another. She is currently the treasurer of the Boquete Handicap Foundation as well as the Amigos del Parque committee.

Paquita Bath moved to Boquete in 2016 for its natural beauty and great community. She pursues her passion for conservation through her company Aligning Visions. She lives in Volcancito with her partner, Martin Moreno and their 3 “Panamutts"

Nicolás Choy is the general manager of Jarquin,S.A in David. He serves on the Board of the Fundación Biblioteca de Boquete, and is an active member of the Amigos del Parque.Boquete advocate and enthusiastic reader.

Adriane Cromer holds a Masters degree from the Yale School of Environment, has conducted research in Panama with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, and has designed and implemented two outdoor science and environmental education programs here in Chiriquí. She is co-founder of Milky Way Creamery with her husband Piero Mercanti, and they have two young (park-loving!) daughters.


Richard Lipner is the owner of Finca Dos Jefes, living in El Salto since 2002. In addition to coffee farming, he runs an educational project in the Ngabe-Bugle Comarca.

Carlos Alberto and Ana Teresa Mendez are retired bankers who have been deeply involved in a number of Panamanian nonprofits. They live in Panamá, Boquete, and spend part of the year in Florida with their daughter and grandchildren.

Price Peterson is the generous visionary who, with his wife Susan, is behind the Parque Biblioteca de Boquete, yearns to see its future secured.

Tony Royle, of British origin, is the owner of TR Services, and has been living in Boquete for 19 years. As the main contractor for the Park, Tony deserves much credit for its current beauty. He now oversees its maintenance


Karen and Barbara Rubinstein, retired New Yorkers, moved to Boquete in 2019 for its beauty and its birds. They are now the owners of 2 dogs, Buddy and Lucy, with whom they love to walk in the Park.

Linda Sherman is a retired Radio and Communications professional, living in Boquete since 2012. She seeks out Boquete’s sacred places in order to preserve them.


Peter Sterling, a neuroscientist, has been living with his wife Sally Zigmond on an old orange farm in Palmira Abajo since 2005. His most recent book is What is Health?

Cat Vann, a horticulturalist and nature-lover, discovered Boquete 14 years ago.  She became involved in various local nonprofits, but her favorite experience has been to assist with the planting and maintenance of the new trees and shrubs in the Parque Biblioteca.

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