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About the Park

Boquete has a new and beautiful public park––free and open to all from 6am to 5:30pm. The Parque Biblioteca Boquete occupies 10 hectares straddling the Rio Caldera just south of town.

The near side is developed with paths for walking and jogging, with ponds teeming with
animal life: turtles and fish; domestic ducks and wild birds. There are benches tucked into the
foliage for solitary meditators, and for the gregarious, there are picnic tables in the shade. The
southern end remains open for future developments––such as an outdoor classroom where
elementary school students would study nature.

The far side is undeveloped forest––a reservoir for native flora and fauna to repopulate
the developed side as its plantings mature. Eventually, the far side might harbor paths for walks
in the wild.

The lands were donated or purchased with private funds and developed with private funds. The
Park is privately owned and privately operated for the community––by the Fundación de la
Biblioteca de Boquete––which itself relies solely on private funds. There is no annual support
from the municipal, provincial, or national governments.

Of course, the Park requires continual maintenance (mowing, pruning, weeding, watering, trash
pickup). It requires continual development (adding benches, planting trees, shrubs, and hedges).
And it requires moving forward with the larger plans (forest paths, outdoor classroom). All these
needs depend on private support––YOUR SUPPORT!

To organize the various possibilities, a new group was formed: Amigos del Parque.  Amigos is officially empowered by the Fundación de la Biblioteca to collect funds for the Parque––for maintenance and development––also to establish an endowment for the Parque's support in perpetuity.

How to donate?

U.S. Citizens can donate to Amigos del Parque via the brand new Boquete Community Fund, a
registered 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. A gift may be deducted from your U.S.
taxes with our emailed receipt as the official record. Amigos del Parque provides a transparent
annual financial report, including income from gifts and investments, and the costs of
management and development.

Please take a look at the Donate page for more info.

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